Hemoria is a continent on the southern side of the World. It is bordered by oceans in the east and north, ice plains in the south, and mountains in the west. Only a few scholars know anything about the lands beyond the shores of Hemoria.


The majority of Hemoria has a temperate climate, with some taiga regions in the far south, and jungles on the northern peninsulas. There are mountainous regions, desserts, and gransslands across the rest of the continent.


Prior to Candor Ralban’s invasion, the most common religion in Hemoria was worship of Sumiyel, though it was not as ubiquitous as it once has been. Now, mention of any other god besides Korrax is forbidden.


Prior to the invasion, the continent was home several major civilizations. The largest of these once lived in great cities, but these have all been razed by the armies of Korrax. The four largest civilizations in each region are listed below in order of population size. Other humanoid creatures coexist with these races as well.

East South West North
Elves Trolls Humans Dwarves
Kobolds Elves Orcs Bugbears
Gnomes Humans Ogres Halflings
Giants Half-elves Dwarves Goblins


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