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The End Times

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The followers of Korrax, God of Destruction, had finally succeeded. Led by Arch Warlock Candor Ralban, they had spent years spent amassing power before finally unleashing an army of demons, monsters, and fanatical zealots on the continent of Hemoria. In a desperate attempt to repel the attackers, Champions of the God of Order rallied their forces and launched an attack on Ralban’s inner sanctum. They were never heard from again. After their failure, there was no one left to oppose him.

It has been four months since Ralban declared total domination of your homeland. Once-great fortress cities now stand in ruins. The skies to the east have been permanently stained black by the dark magic emanating from his newly constructed citadel. Since you live in the west, the horrors of war took longer to reach you. But now, rebellion in the region has brought the ire of Ralban’s armies upon you, and you are faced with a choice: Submit or die fighting?


Cultists of Korrax
Champions of Sumiyel


The Citadel

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